The father's weekend

It was Father’s Day yesterday but thanks for the stuffs you bought us, Dad. Especially the perfumes and the Deutschland football jersey. Wished you are here… anyway, happy father’s day. I love you dad.

Anyway, weekend was great. Went to Deutsche Haus at Jalan Ceylon on Saturday with my Szer and I kinda like the place. Szer also like it. Yay. I love german beer and irish stout !! German sausages!!

After we’re done with the eatery, I found someone puntured my car tyres. What the fuck. I parked in front of a convenience store, The Kiosk… and apparently the owner of a karaoke joint, Japanese Karaoke, above The Kiosk… punctured my tyres because I parked her place. Some car jockeys operating in front of The Kiosk told me. I wonder if they are the one who punctured my tyres. Fuck. They pointed me to the car of the said karaoke joint owner. So I strutted a small stone into the tyre valve and let the tyre deflates slowly. Geez. I parked my car on a five foot way pedestrian pavement also cannot. Fuck. I wanted smash the car’s window but better not to or else Szer will say I like to find trouble and mitigate some loss or else loss adjusters will gain from it.



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