A silly McDonald's delivery guy

I ordered a Beef Foldover Value Meal and an apple pie. The amount was RM15.18 inclusive the govt tax and delivery charges. Then came the delivery guy with my lunch.

G: How much?
Guy: RM15.18. This is your food and drink… you ordered a small one or a regular one?
G: Regular one. Ok. I give you RM20.20
Guy: Eh, no need. They (my office) have already prepared the exact change.
G: Geez…. I give you 20sen then you gimme back RM5.00 lah ! No hassle.
Guy: Cannot. I got the change here.
G: Ok ok la.
Guy: So here’s your change… RM 34.82 and your receipt.
G: Ok. Thank you.

Then I went back to my desk and wallop the food like there’s no tomorrow. Just when I’m about to finish the last drop of the Coke… my phone rang.

G: Helloo.
Guy: Yo, brother… are you still in office??? I’m the McDonald’s delivery guy who sent you the food just now.
G: Uh huh. I’m in office.
Guy: I gave you the wrong change. I gave you RM30 more.
G: Oh yeah.. then you can come and collect anytime.
Guy: Oh.. thank you…thank you… thank you….. thank you….

Both of us are stupid guys. Why am I stupid? I should’ve told that I’m out of office…. or wrong number…. etc. And I can go get myself another value meal and also a Shrek toy.


  1. it looked like it was his first day of work lar.. haha! he couldnt even pronounce your name to begin with =]

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