The good, the bad, the ugly of security guards

Not long ago, we read in papers that a security guard raped a student in TAR College. We also heard before that many robberies have security guards involved. Ok. That is another issue.

Security guards at your neighbourhood. Sometime these buggers are very annoying and act as if they are somekind of big shot where they can shout at you. There is this guard, I think he’s a bangla, shouted at me yesterday when I was waiting for my szer. He asked me not to wait there and i must drive out of the condo area. I told him I’m just merely waiting for someone and it wont take long. Not that I park my car there and gone. I told him nicely and just ignored him.

He kept walking nearby the vicinity and showed his discontentment on his shitty face. Ha… you’re just a security guard.

There was also once szer’s dad was stopped by the guards at the place they have been staying for years…. to leave his IC for a pass. He was like, what the fuck ?! He screwed them kau-kau.

So… sometime security guard is just plain annoying. But sometime you’d feel safer if they are around. What do you say?


One comment

  1. it’s a case of ‘you pay ’em peanuts, you get monkeys!’. most of these condos costdown by hiring these cheaper foreign workers are security guards.. Mine especially. My sis was held gunpoint by few fellas and they took her car away- and the guards just open the gate for them!
    i once got locked inside my office and i climbed out of the window right in front of the guard. he din even ask me why or what i was doing. 🙂

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