Theory of an armed struggle

Ok… in our office department, everyone have a least a gun. Some have riffles. Even my cuteĀ  “doraemon” manager is also crazed about it. The Arms Supplier is the most-sought-after guy. If there’s a strike in the office against the upper management, an armed struggle will be declared. Everyone’s comparing their guns with each other. Everytime a new model is available, everyone will gather at … Continue reading Theory of an armed struggle

Prelude to Transformers 2007

Well, just before we all go and watch Transformers (2007) this 28th June, I wonder how many of you all are young enough to don’t know who’s these famous robots, Optimus Prime and Megatron.Ok. After doing some viewing at the official Transformers movie website, I come to know that the yankee’s General Motors secured the advertising deal and the Bumblebee we all know was a … Continue reading Prelude to Transformers 2007