Deleting the word "Islam"

We read in paper today that Lina Joy just lost the appeal… but she has not lose her faith… Christianity that is. She took the NRD to court after they refused the 3rd time to delete the word “Islam” from her identity card.

Sometime we wonder… why are all this people like triads…. once you’re in it, there’s no chance of getting out. Why only this particular religion in this country is like this…. barring people from denouncing it.

I just dont understand why is it like that. People from other religion never face such  problem to convert to other non-muslim religion. Just some questions to ponder as an ordinary joe:

a. If everyone is free… even Muslims are free to denouce the religion like other religions, a lot of Muslim people will denounce hence the number of muslims in the country lesser?! They’re afraid the numbers of muslims getting lesser? Is this the whole idea since the birth of the constitution?

b. Why must all these idiots inconvenience people from getting a word deleted? Just a fucking word from the fucking IC .

c. This is the only country I guess that idiots will go around during the fasting month and see if Muslims are fasting.You cant force people to fast, right? If you fast, it shows how deep is your faith…. they make some muslims friend of mine to be so inconvenienced that they had to eat in store rooms, underneath the table… just like dog.

d. Is it possible for me to sue the fella who ask me to show prove that I’m not a fucking muslim when I eat at a mamak during fasting month? Do i need to wear my crucifix hanging on my forehead? I kena once.

e. Then there were cases where all this idiotic clowns fighting for a deadman’s corpse whom they dont really even know. They are not his family member nor friends. Why they waste so much time for a corpse of a man they barely know? Just let her wife do the thing lah.

Malaysians are so like that.


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