Viva forever?

Went to Perodua service centre in Glenmarie this morning. While waiting for their insurance claims advisor Mr. Bob (not his real name), I was looking at a Viva, our national compact car maker, perodua’s latest model at the showroom.

Then when the fella came, he was wearing a white tshirt with the word “Viva” printed so big in front that i can even see without my glasses. Yeah, Viva’s promotional tshirt.

G : Whoa, skarang semua Viva… baju pun viva… (Whoa, now everything’s Viva… even t-shirts)
Bob: Ye lah, ada baju baru, ambik pakai je lah. (yeah, since they’re giving us new tshirts, why not just take it and wear.)
G: Betul jugak. Eh, tapi Viva saya rasa slack sikit la. Design dia slack sikit.(you’re right. But i think there’s something slacking in Viva especially the design)
Bob: Hmm… betul design slack sikit. (yeah, something is amiss.)
G: Sales ok?
Bob: Banyak, ramai orang datang tengok Viva… tapi last-last beli Myvi, Semua datang tengok Viva, beli Myvi. (A lot, a lot of people came to view the Viva but ended up buying Myvi)
G: Hahahhahahahahaha.
Bob: Betul ni. (I’m not kidding)

So, the decision is yours. If you plan to buy a perodua, go to the showroom and see the cars thoroughly. Myvi’s nicer.



  1. the price for VIVA ought to be revised! doesnt justify buying viva over myvi if the price is not lowered. even if it’s a replacement for kelisa, it should be cheaper than myvi to target the lower income niche

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