Been listening to stories of the national automaker’s assembly line in Rawang from my Szer. Yes… that compact car maker. Man.. those idiots “mat rempits/natakaran” assembly line operators would damage spare parts supplied by third party OEM just to get some roti canai, KFC, cigarettes etc. They would threaten to create some down time which would cost the parts suppliers thousands of ringgits.

Then i came to know of these idiots would purposely burn (yes, burn. Arson.) some parts and would ask for suppliers to buy food for them. Well, this happens on night shifts. If you’re one of the authority in an auto assembly plant… please make sure your rempits does not inconvenience your suppliers.

To just ask for people to buy you food is ok. Just dont burn parts and make people’s life hard. Thats is not how you ask people to pau you. If you want people to pau you, you must do something in return to benefit the person. Everyone must benefit from the pau. That is the real purpose of pau.