SMART Motorway tunnel

The much-hyped SMART tunnel motorway opened on 14th May and I have used yesterday. Its very convenient to all motorist in downtown KL

Now, for the first month, it is toll free. But I heard toll fees would be as dear as RM3.00 . Go and try it today. At least, we don’t need to stuck in traffic jam at F&N Jalan Loke Yew anymore.


  1. That’s not the best part yet. Let’s say they are given up 10 years for the toll collection & they have reached their target total collection, they will still tell the govt that they have not reached their target as per their agreement, govt will just blindly approve for their extension.

    For example, Jalan Kuching scenario. Those who got the insider information, they will know.

  2. tihtahpah: thats what i heard… RM3.00 !

    Sean: Yeah, you have your point there. They will tell you that they forked out too much money for the upkeep of the hiway, maintanence bla bla bla. Same old stories…

  3. It’s not about a gun pointing to our head to use the tunnel but it is about the public’s money paid for the taxes are being used to pay the contractors and yet they still collect money from the public via toll.

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