Sometimes I wonder why people in KL drive like shit. Some are so scared they drive so slow and don’t realise that they are creating a huge 10-20 km/h crawl behind on a busy federal road during peak hours. Maybe the road design has to be blamed, but then the drivers are sometime shitty too.

If you ever drive along Jalan Syed Putra from KL to PJ, the unnecessary crawl starting from even before Kuen Cheng Girl School all the way to the fork road of Seremban hiway, Old Klang Road and Federal hiway to PJ….. by the way, is changing lanes so hard?

Well, partly the problem is also due to the busses which stop at a bus stop 100-200m before the fork. Bottleneck. Busses blocked one lane and car gotta squeeze into the other outer lanes. What makes it worse is that some people just like to step on the brake frequently even the gap between cars are 3-4 cars-length away. You’ll see third brake lights blinking like they are transmitting morse codes. I just get irritated with these dumbass.

Drive a little faster wont die. It can even save some lives. A slight touch on the brake can create a chain braking and even a sudden halt some distance away. If someone can’t stop in time, chain collision will occur.

So, think about it.