My favourite car is of course BMW 3 Series. I have always been fascinated by this German marque for its brilliant engineering and technology. Any car comes from Germany can be assured of their design and quality.

Standard goodies that come with 3 Series sedans are:

active steering – for self-assured control at high speeds and effortless manoeuvring in and out of tight parking spaces

aluminium front axle – a lighter front axle ensures that the BMW 3 Series handles with breathtaking precision and responsiveness.

five-arm rear axle – its lightweight, high-strength design ensures the rear suspension behaves with superior elasto-kinematics and provides precise wheel guidance.

Dynamic Stability Control – if the vehicle’s behaviour indicates a danger of skidding, the system quickly and subtly intervenes by braking individual wheels as needed

Valvetronic – varies the power output via the quantity of air fed into the cylinders, making for particularly efficient combustion and optimum utilisation of power

It also come with a good suspension and dampers that is ready for any terrain you’re driving. Be it a tarmac highway, a dirt track, a cobbled lane, you will always be prepared. This is about load distribution.

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