Oh shit. I’m back with it again. I had an motor vehicle accident yesterday morning. I was sleepy. Arrghhh. My car is now lying in the collision repair centre.

Luckily it didnt happen on the highway or federal roads. I rear ended a Honda City which was parked on the roadside near my house. It was an experience you don’t wanna try. Luckily the third party car owner is sporting enough and took the case easily. Accident happens.

No, I did not take any picture of the scene. I did not sustain any injury. I’m ok. Its just a minor impact to me… the condenser’s gone and I couldn’t engage gear.

So, folks, the next time you feel sleepy while driving, please pull overand rest for a while. You can have a fag, eat some sweets, put the system up jamming to 50 Cent or Eminem, or just be a menace the other car next to you… he/she will then try to race and you can kill some sleeping time.