Camping Part II

Oh yeah. I’m going camping this month with a some blogger friends. Its been quite sometime since I last camped out. I’m very excited. Damn fucking excited. I missed the good ol’scouting days. Gunung Senyum, here we come.

Camping Date: 20-22 April 2007

Need to go get a good and cheap tent big enough for me and my szer (maybe gonna get it from Tesco or Carrefour), sleeping bags, flysheets (eh, i can use my poncho), some ropes/rafia strings. I wonder where my army hammock/stretcher has gone… arggh. Gonna clean my rubber boots.

Yay. So exciting. I’m going camping. Nyx, are you interested ? Have Daniel asked you?

Anyone, homies, friends, bloggers, haters, we’re meeting this Wednesday, around 7:30pm at the Section 14 Kopitiam in PJ to discuss the plans for the 2-night camping trip on the 20th April 2007. If you’re interested, please e-mail me or Daniel Franklin by today (Tuesday).

  • Venue: Section 14 Kopitiam, PJ
  • Date: 4/4/2007
  • Time: 7.30PM (“malaysian time”)

At the mean time, get a sneak peak of Gunung Senyum here at Daniel’s.

Yay yay. I’m going camping !!! Yay yay.



  1. hmm

    where did my comment go.

    i said…. am totally swamped in april so i can’t join you guys (besides, i got no more annual leaves left, HAHAHA!!)

    bring back lotsa pics!!!! and stories.

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