Food galore in HCMC

The seafood we had at a place called 3T .

Before we hopped into a bus to head for a day trip to Cao Dai Temple and Cu Chi Tunnel. The noodles i’m eating is “pho bo”. My Szer had pork chop rice. See that plate of rice with cucumbers, tomatoes?

At nite, we had mice for dinner. I think its paddy mice. BBQ grilled mice.

Monitor lizard. Black in colour, yellow patches only the already scally skinz. BBQ grilled cicak.

Need I say much more of this menu? It has a picture of a dog.



  1. they have western food and french fries at hotels. u can eat there everyday.

    Hey come on, ditch that old fussy eating habit of yours and try to enjoy food. They have a lot of nice food there… noddles, rice, etc etc. They dont just eat dog and rats or lizards. Their bread sandwich (pan mi) is nice.

  2. No chinese food beside western food?
    Such as wan tan mee, char kuey teow, fish ball noodle soup, dim sum, chinese chicken rice, poh piah, spring rolls, chee cheong fun?

    Or even mamak food like roti canai, tissue, chapati, tosei, maggi me goreng?

  3. they have spring rolls definitely, got fishball noodle, beef noodle (pho bo), western, japanese, pork chop rice, anything actually. Just think of Vietnam, better standard than Thailand I would say. it’s a fast growing city, and it’s also the next expat hub after thailand, so it has to cater for the likes of gwailo. Now how can that be a problem for malaysians like us ?

  4. I guess so…
    Coz right now, China is the fastest developing country and Vietnam comes in 3rd…
    Cant remember which country is 2nd but as for Malaysia, I think it’s around 8th to 10th if I’m not mistaken…

  5. Sean: eh… you wanna go to Vietnam and yet feel at home with all our malaysian food. The first and the only thing to make you feel at ease when you’re visiting another country is their food. Once you are ok with their food, your stay will be merrier. Trust me.

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