This is the t-shirt that is compulsory for the nite. The design attached here is FINAL and we will not entertain anyone. Its just a fucking tshirt. Dont tell me you all liked the school PJK tshirt. Daniel Fong “rushed nite train” and came out with the design. At least he is good enough to change it. But actually I like the first design the green and pink…

So, this will be the last design and hope you all will order right now. About the size of the tee, better check with him ok. A bit body tight one. So fat people, please double check. I dont want nanti reject and Daniel F suffer losses. If too tight, just frame the tshirt and hang on the wall lah! Its a souvenir. Also, tshirt purchase comes with a CD-made invitation card.

Now, someone free to translate this to Mandarin and send to everyone else. Thanks. Bee Fong?

Call Daniel F at 012-2247266 !!