Recently bimbobum made a post about friendship books. Hmm, that made me thought about writing about my penpals. I’m sure many of us had penpals in our teenage years, be it domestic or overseas. If you don’t, I don’t even know what to say. There was this International Pen Friend (IPF) in Dublin and I learn about it from a magazine one day in Form … Continue reading Penpal

A Hair-Raising Experience at Pulau Ketam

Ok, this is not crap. Went to Pulau Ketam with some bloggers and one or two non-bloggers yesterday. We went there just for lunch and a little bit of sight-seeing. Well, it was the first time meeting with philters, syen, yatz and earl-ku(kujiao). The non-bloggers are belle, Shen and Pusan (korean?). The famous hotel in Pulau Ketam – renovated extensively. Me and my homies stayed … Continue reading A Hair-Raising Experience at Pulau Ketam

Majulah Blogging Untuk Negara

Blogging is in the state of 911 right now in Malaysia. Bloggers are being sued for all kinds of lame reasons. Lets join the cause to support the fight for freedom of expression and speech. Shit that you must read: Those NST people just dont understand that bullshit matters. Continue reading Majulah Blogging Untuk Negara

wordpress 2.1

Everyone’s going gaga over the new release of WordPress. Just like what Linux enthusiasts over a new kernel release. Upgrading is kinda easy… even for someone like me who just used wordpress for less than a month. But, I don’t know if there will be any problem with the upgrade. I mean bugs. Argh… who cares for now?! They will have patch for it should … Continue reading wordpress 2.1