Festive wishes

Oh yeah… at last it is around the corner. I’m talking about Deepavali and Hari Raya. All the machas and muslims (excluding mat rempits). A very Happy Deeparaya to all of you. Please drive safely and enjoy your holidays. Ok. I can’t wait and I’m so excited, looking forward to this coming Friday… weekend. I’m going Cherating with my colleagues (the good and respectable ones). … Continue reading Festive wishes

iron curtain

I don’t really want to blog about work but sometimes… some fucking bastards really made me mad as fuck and I’ve got no choice but to release some anger in my own fucking blog. At least, in years to come, when I read it again… I’d laugh. I just hate some of the fucking pesky departmental colleagues. Tried to be good with them but they … Continue reading iron curtain

Andy Law's wedding dinner

Would like to take the opportunity to congratulate another selayang mari hommy, dominic on the occasion of his wedding which fell on the same day as Hon Keong’s. *All the pictures jumbled up in the course of uploading. The tasty yet oily and fat piglet. Ha. Guess who. ML (right) was there too. MC’s old primary schoolmate. She’s electrifying innit? The new couple Andy & … Continue reading Andy Law's wedding dinner