MATTA Fair 2006

Korean cultural dance show Korean cultural dance show Korean cultural dance show Proton Edar booth just out of somewhere. Next to Iran Cultural booth. They’re expecting someone to drive a Proton to Paris (like what some did on a Volkswagen Beetle.) Korean cultural dance show Yo.. I went to Matta Fair yesterday afternoon… by monorail-LRT because KL was in a traffic standstill subsequent to a … Continue reading MATTA Fair 2006

Blogging politics

Not to be confused with the former ” The Politics of Blogging “(now Tranquility), I’m now writing about how to make our blogging experience merrier. The Master of Betting Administration (MBA) asked me over a drink, about why we bloggers blog. Why I blog? Gee… first, I’m kinda addicted. Second, its a pastime that doesn’t require cash (apart from the Internet connection fees). Third, as … Continue reading Blogging politics

Damn Small Linux (DSL)

Pictures sourced from I’m trying to tinker on this particular revolutionary linux distro (based on Debian) which is so small that it can be fitted into my pendrive of 1G capacity. You will get a functional system up and running in seconds on ramdisk. Will update you guys on the outcome soon. There used to be PocketLinux (based on Slackware) which boot from 1 … Continue reading Damn Small Linux (DSL)