Batik Club

Gee… i can’t believe I went clubbing last Saturday in a batik shirt. I just cant fucking believe it. Ah, well. Actually I attended a charity dinner earlier and after that I forgot to change. My bag was in my car. Went to KL on MC’s car. We were in a hurry, rushed from Ipoh Road to downtown KL. The picture was purposely pixelized. Gotta … Continue reading Batik Club

The Ordinary World of Durian Durian

It was a hectic day yesterday. KL was in total standstill in the evening rushhour. It rained… heavily. Flash floods in the golden triangle. Even the monorail service was not spared. Commuters were squeezed into the coaches like tuna or sardine…. and hundreds more were waiting to be squeezed, stuffed, molested, fondled whatever. After work, we went karaoke at Neway, Berjaya Time Square. Ex-colleague, Nika … Continue reading The Ordinary World of Durian Durian


So.. suddenly thought of going camping. Yesterday while having a drink with Psycoacid and MC near my place , Psyco just brought up camping for merdeka eve celebration. As you can see.. downtown KL for sure will be a traffic chaos city. Everywhere will be jam-packed. Then he suggested celebrating Merdeka in some jungles, camping, bonfire, beer, sing songs etc. Popping the wine bottle. Haha. … Continue reading Camping


I was at a workshop near Lim Kok Wing, PJ today. There was a chinese girl… kinda wild type, outgoing and sporting, not that bad looking… alongside with the person who attended me, a malay girl while I inspected a car. The malay girl was explaining to the chinese girl about their workflow… how to deal with insurance personnels, adjusters etc. After the inspection, waited … Continue reading Callgirl

Pain in balls

Went to play paintball again yesterday with my fellow colleagues. Finally our wish to play the jungle assault was realised. The “escort the VIP” scenario was great too. Basically two new scenario we played yesterday. The earlier games we played yesterday were the same like those we played many times ago. It was to get the newbies accustomed to the gameplay. The newbies: Roy, Khong, … Continue reading Pain in balls