So… I was in PD during the weekend for the birthday party of the Daniels… yeah, Daniel F and Daniel C (MBA). It was also a celebration for the German team beat Sweden easily. But sadly there’s not Astro at the bungalow there and the shitty local free TV don’t telecast the match. Anyway, it was fun and everyone have their fair share of fun … Continue reading Celebrations

Cycling trip

Yo… here’s some pictures taken during the trip to Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam with my homies. Long time never cycled and it was a hard day for everyone. So damn tired. The whole group minus the cameraman, thats me. Stopped to grab some snacks. When we reached the Cactus Garden. Siow Hui testing the water Soon Keong and the Ngs. Lee took this picture for … Continue reading Cycling trip