The "sang pou"

Some badges that Daniel F gave me for taking him to eat the delicious sang pou The sang pou (non-halal) So, this morning went breakfast somewhere near Fook Kee (Aman Puri). They wanna eat “sang pou” and I ordered yesterday nite. Yes, you have to pre-order so that the restaurant will cook for you. The shop sells sang pou and bak kut teh. Only sang … Continue reading The "sang pou"

The surviving fishes

Atrica, these are the remaining drain fishes that survived the recent water contamination in the Klang Valley. I’ve got anti-chlorine for them. Apart from the fish food (floating pellet), I fed them with whatever insects I can catch in my house. Those “flying water ants” (ants that flew away from the nest before heavy rain), mosquitoes, black/red ants, whatever creepy crawlies. One of them is … Continue reading The surviving fishes

From Zimbabwe with love

Yo, this is great, man. Ng, thanks. I love that Berkeley. Among all the brand you’ve brought…. Berkeley is the best…. even that Madison also not that good. At least, Berkeley’s taste is somewhat similar to Peter Stuyvesant. Anyway, its just a matter of preference. How much does a pack of Berkeley cost in Zimbabwe ?? Zim$3,000,000.00 ??? Usually, how much papers do you carry … Continue reading From Zimbabwe with love