Traffic police

Whew… what a fucking narrow escape. My driving license expired a week ago. Nowadays I drive very slow… maximum 100 km/h. All this because I have 4 summonses to settle first. All for speeding offenses. 1 in KL (I think on Seremban Highway somewhere Serdang), 1 in Gombak (somewhere from FRIM-Selayang Utama) and 2 from Sabak Bernam (when I went to Sg. Besar twice on … Continue reading Traffic police

the land above the clouds

Went to Genting yesterday. Actually its a boring place especially to me because the main attraction there is the casino, the only in Malaysia. Kelvin and the MBA (yea chern) were very enthusiastic with their investments. They can really spend a lot of time there. The musical show, Mysteria was the entertaining part. The theme’s on ancient Egyptians. Too bad we’re not allowed to take … Continue reading the land above the clouds

The Hardest Part

“You can take a picture of something you see……” , suddenly Chris Martin’s voice shocked everyone in the customers service lounge at hong leong assurance, jalan kia peng. Well, it was the phone which rang last Friday afternoon while I’m busy settling some shit at hong leong assurance. Answered the call. It was LiEw. I told him I’ll call back in a moment. So, 15 … Continue reading The Hardest Part

Sad news we all hear

Received an email from my ex-colleague the other day and was shocked that the shit happened and to our horror, she sustained injuries after falling onto a pavement which requires her to seek medical attention at the prosthodontics department and maxillo facial department. By the way, I’m refering to a snatch theft tragedy here. As I have experienced it first hand myself last year (luckily … Continue reading Sad news we all hear

Porridge steamboat at Swiss Garden?

So, this is not where Lee is working. Definitely not although this restaurant is also named Swiss Garden. But why “swiss garden”? Is it because the words rhymes? Why don’t they name it Shangri-La Steamboat and Fish Head Restaurant? Who cares. Its located at Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya (PJ tai kong ??). Its very near to the eye-catching Baywatch Cafe/Pub. There’s a few rows of … Continue reading Porridge steamboat at Swiss Garden?

Fraud ?

Fraud A Worrying Crime, Says IGP15 March 2006, By BERNAMA KUALA LUMPUR — The police are finding it hard to fight fraud cases where criminals of criminal breach of trust (CBT), cheating and forgery have amassed a whopping RM784.9 million in 6,422 cases last year. Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Bakri Omar said the police were less successful in fighting fraud as compared to … Continue reading Fraud ?